About Us

ICC is a multicultural community open to people living in Cork: foreign nationals, students, au-pairs, young professionals and locals connected to or interested in other cultures and languages.

We host regular social gatherings where people can meet, socialise and practice languages. ICC events will allow you to broaden your horizons and to meet interesting people.

The Team

The ICC team is made up of volunteers from all over the world. We are there to greet you and help you find someone who speaks the language you’re looking to improve.




I’m Csabi, originally from Hungary. I love watching and practising different sports (soccer, bowling, kayaking), learning new languages and traveling. My favourite countries are New Zealand, Argentina and Canada. I’m interested in technology, start-ups and entrepreneurship.



General Manager ICC

I am Sophie, from France and I love Ireland. My favorite place is probably Connemara but I like traveling and discovering new places. I also began with tango this year. Life is really exciting, don’t you think?



General Manager Partnerships

I’m Simone, I’m Italian. I love playing sports (swimming, basketball), traveling and learning always something new. I like to meet new people and to find connection between backgrounds, so to create and grow new business ideas.



General Manager Events

I’m Joanna and I’m French, from Saint-Étienne.
I have a curious personality. I like finding new activities and hobbies. Learning about different cultures and countries make me feel alive! I find it exciting to explore the limit of my creativity.
I’m passionate, dynamic and I love dancing, cooking. I’m enjoying organizing events (trips, parties, dinners..)
Sociable, I like meeting new people.
Let’s rock together!



Event Manager

My name is Victor and I’ve lived in Cork since 2002. My job is to entertain people and introducing new people to this beautiful city. So if you’ve just arrived I can help you find your feet into ICC and into Cork; just don’t ask me for money.



Event Manager

I’m Corina and moved to Ireland 4 years ago! Since the start I felt this was the right place to be! Definetely, Ireland has something special.

I love travelling, reading, doing yoga and meeting new people.

Looking forward to meeting you in our events :)!


Event Manager

Hi, I’m Irene and I’m from sunny Spain! I have been enjoying the rain on the Emerald Isle since 2013. My passions include cycling, meeting new people and travelling. If there’s one thing I’ll always remember from living here in Ireland, it is that the best reason to do anything is ‘for the craic’!



Event Manager

My name is Milly, I am German and I moved to Ireland in summer 2016. I am into music, concerts and cultural events. I like socialising and meeting people, seeing new places and enjoying the little things in life.




My name is Danish and I am from Pakistan. I am working in Ireland. I love to meet new people and get to know them. I am very much interested into mysticism, philosophy, art and many more t



Event Manager

I am Anda and I am from Italy. I am a bookworm and I love to travel and explore. I am dreaming about moving to Japan for some time. I love to meet new people and I am looking forward to see you at our next events!


Event Manager

Hi, I’m Stefania, I come from Italy and I moved to Ireland two years ago. I studied foreign languages in Italy and Germany. Within the ICC I manage the language tables: every month we choose one language to practice with native speakers. In my free time I like travelling, swimming and doing yoga.



Event Manager

My name is Cristina and I’m from Spain. I arrived to Cork in August 2017 and I’d like to settle down in this wonderful city. I like dancing, going to the cinema, photography and traveling. I’m interested in other cultures and learning new languages. I love meeting new people and I hope you enjoy all our events!





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