ICC Ambassadors – Oskar from Sweden

We are pleased to introduce you to Oskar, our ICC Ambassador from Sweden.
We had the opportunity to speak with him at the last ICC meeting.


How did you find out about ICC?

Before living in Ireland, I was in Germany, where I had my Erasmus year. I went to a lot of  language exchanges, (similar to ICC). Once I arrived in Ireland, I was looking for events like that and found International Club Cork by searching on Facebook.

What’s your motivation when you are coming to ICC Events?
First of all, the ICC meetings are once a month so it’s easily manageable and I appreciate the fact that it’s not too often.
It’s also always fun and nice to come and meet so many international people.

Why are you choosing to attend the ICC Events?
It reminds me my Erasmus exchange year. I met great people who became my friends.
Other than that, I think it helped me as well to improve my language skills.

Would you recommend the events to your friends?
Of course! I tell a lot of people about it, and why I go. But I have to say that I never come with my friends as my goal is to meet new people.

Any recommendations for the team?
Even though ICC is once per month, maybe it could actually be even more fun with 2 per month?

Thanks, Oskar!

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