Interview: Claudio Amazio – ICC’s photographer

Why did you get involved in ICC?
I wanted to build up my photography experience and these sounded like a great opportunity.

How did your interest in photography begin?
I started because I was interested in putting cooking lessons on YouTube so I initially bought a camera for video and not pictures. After a while, I bought my tripod and in the end I realised I was too shy to do the videos so I said, forget about this, and let’s try pictures instead! I enjoy it much more.

What kind of photography is it you’re interested in?
I specialise in food photography because I’m a chef as well. I know the right moment to take pictures of food and how to style it. My ideal job would be for people to hire me to take pictures of new restaurants. Food photography is just one thing I’d like to do. I also enjoy portrait photography and photographing events.

It’s nice that you’re able to link your passion for food with your passion for photography.
I studied to become a chef in Sicily when I was fourteen so food is something big for me. You eat with your eyes, and a picture is all about the eyes!

How did you teach yourself about photography?
I did a course in photography in the Cork College of Commerce and I also took some private courses. As well as that, I read many books.

How long have you been taking photography seriously?
I’ve been studying photography for just one year, but I’ve been taking pictures for two years.
For the first year, I was just trying to see what I was capable of. Once I saw the results my passion grew and I wanted to learn more.

What equipment do you use?
I’m a Nikon fan. I have a Nikon D750 and three lenses.

What’s your personal style?
I love taking black and white shots. I like taking realistic, natural shots. I’m also a fan of street photography because I like to capture photos of people doing everyday things such as eating an ice-cream. I’ll take a picture just at the moment when the ice-cream is leaking!

Are there any photographers who influence your style?
There is a guy I like a lot on YouTube called Matt Granger. I also learned a lot from Tony Northrupp. I read two of his books on Lightroom.

What have you learned while taking pictures of ICC events?
I have learned how to shoot in dark, strangely lit environments. When I came to the events I thought, wow, this place is dark! When it is dark it’s very difficult to take pictures, you need to use a lot of flash and pictures are noisier than when you have proper light.

Where can we see your work?
I have a facebook page:
And an online portfolio:

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