ICC Movie Night – L’auberge espagnole

L’auberge espagnole – France, 2002 


“Je suis français, espagnol, anglais, danois. Je suis comme l’Europe, je suis tout ça. Je suis un vrai bordel”.


“I’m French, Spanish, English, Danish. I’m like Europe, I’m all of this. I’m a real mess”. That’s how the main character of L’auberge espagnole describes himself. The movie is the story Xavier (Romain Duris), a French guy who spends one year in Barcelona to learn Spanish and moves in with six fellow students coming from six different countries. In the Spanish Apartment no-one speaks the same language but they all manage to understand each other. Speaking a different language isn’t really their biggest problem as soon they realise that the cosmopolitan atmosphere they live in is full of culture clash, roommate chaos, and lack of privacy, which are nevertheless worth experiencing and inevitable part of the life-changing abroad experience. Barcelona is the perfect background for the characters’ adventures with the stunning Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia and the buzzy nightlife.



Why have we chosen this movie? The movie goes through themes such as stepping out of our comfort zone by moving abroad, the excitement of building solid relationships with international people and at the same time the challenge of learning a new language and settling into an unknown country. We think that this movie is very close to the ICC environment as it describes all stages of what all of us are facing in our experience abroad: excitement, challenges, uncertainty and constant learning through new culture values. After all, haven’t we all lived in an auberge espagnole once in our life?


Come watch the movie @Kino on Wednesday, 25th November at 8:30pm

Original French version with English subtitles

On vous attend avec du popcorn, de la bière et le sourire! 🙂 

Watch the trailer HERE

Facebook event and details HERE


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