Cork World Book Fest “Home by the Lee”


What is it?

The Cork World Book Fest will host an event to give voice to the experiences of foreign people who chose Cork as their home. Poetry, prose and visual art will be used to show Cork  from the personal perspective of  the international community living in Cork.

How to participate?

Would you like to share your experience as an expat living in Cork? You can write a short story (300 words) or a poem and tell about what Cork means to you,  the challenges you went through when moving here or the struggles you are still facing in your everyday life. There are no rules on what you can write about as everyone’s experience is personal and unique: feel free to put it down in a short story or poem and share it with our big international community!

A few tips to release your creativity from the writer Billy O’Callaghan

* Focus on authenticity, what makes your experience abroad special?

* Something has happened to you since you moved to Cork  and you would like to give voice to it. It doesn’t necessarily  have to be something positive, as we all know how difficult it might get to start all over again and adapt to a new culture.

* Your story might be built around a comparison of the culture in your home country and the new culture you’re getting familiar with since you moved to Cork.

* You might develop a reflection on Cork and on how the city is having an impact on yourself.

* The writer’s tip: the power of the five senses when writing. Keep the five senses with you when you’re developing your own short story. Five senses are very powerful and make a big difference in how the audience percieves the experience of the writer.

When is the event?

If you think about that there’s loads we can all write about!  Feel free to email directly Patricia who is managing the event at with your short story or poem.

All the writers will read their short story or poem at the “Home by the Lee” event during the Cork World Book Fest. The event will take place on Saturday 28th April at 5pm at the Cork City Library.

Check the official Cork World Book Fest page for further information:


Hope to see you during the event!

Your ICC team

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